Psychodynamic psychotherapy

I work with people experiencing difficulties with creating and maintaining relationships, depression, anxiety, a sense of emptiness and hopelessness, I support people in mourning and experiencing difficulties in the professional environment.

I practice psychotherapy at the Psychological-Sexological Clinic "Harmonia" (Warsaw Centre) and the Psychotherapy Center (Warsaw Mokotow). I also work online.

Sexological counseling

As sexologist, I help people in the area of: sexual dysfunctions, difficulties resulting from sexual preferences, relationship difficulties and others. My patients are also LGBTQ+ people, with whom I work on accepting or defining their sexual orientation or gender identity, and on dealing with minority stress. I have completed a number of trainings related to sexuality.

Couples therapy

I work with couples basing primarily on the EFT approach (Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples). I help couples understand the unconscious relational processes that have led to the weakening of the couple's bond, and I support partners in rebuilding that bond.